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Water Pipes Making A Rattling Noise?

If you're hearing a banging noise or a vibrating sound in your walls whenever you shut the water off to one of your fixtures or random times throughout the day. It may be time to call a plumber in Gallatin TN. This violent vibration occurs when water that’s rushing through a pipe comes to a stop and has air pockets in the lines. Yes, it’s definitely a problem. It causes your plumbing pipes to loosen causing leaks, breaks the seals loose in your fixtures, and lead to expensive plumbing repairs.

Here’s some things you can do on your home without having to call a plumber and it’s a fairly simple procedure to drain your plumbing system and refill without have pipes full of air pockets and start working correctly.

DIY Steps to stop rattling noise in plumbing pipes:.

  1. Shut off the water to your home. Some homes in Sumner County have a shut off valve coming from the street located above the hot water unit. If you don’t have one you will have to find the service shut off at the street or sidewalk, also called a curb valve, located on your property. You’ll see your meter inside the unit that the city reads. It should have a thing you can turn to shut off the water flow and remember you will need plyers or a water key. The pressure can sometimes make it difficult.

  2. Drain your water pipes. This part is simple. You can drain your water pipes by simply turning on a faucet in your home or the outside hose bib. Also, flush your toilets until the tanks are empty. It will engage the fill valve and draw a little more of the water out of your plumbing pipes.

Once all the water stops draining out of your faucets this should allow the air to go back into your plumbing’s air chambers that was once waterlogged and reverse the process and return the water back into your lines.

This procedure should remedy the problem, however, in the event the problem persists it may involve a plumbing company near you. To find one simply search Plumbing company near me and you should get a lot of different listings.

A Plumbing Company Gallatin may have to:

  • Adjust your homes water pressure regulator valve – water pressure may be to high

  • Replace the water the water pressure regulator – It could be damaged and not regulating the pressure right

  • Install a water hammer arrestor - A plumber can install this to absorb the shock from water pressure

These types of plumbing repairs should be left to a plumber in Gallatin and not an easy DIY project. The cost can be anywhere from $200 to $700 based on the complexity of the repair.

If you live in Gallatin TN, Portland TN, Sumner County, or the Nashville TN area and have vibrating pipes feel free to give us a call at Scott’s Plumbing Repair. Our Gallatin Plumbers are here to assist you today 24-7 | Call our plumbing Company at 615-485-0092 | all rights reserved.

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